Therapist tips
Hypnosis in Sydney
Renting a Therapy Room When you start out in practice you’ll find yourself looking for a place to practice. Perhaps you’ll start at home but then later you start searching Gumtree or similar for a room. Firstly checkout this resource but do you lock into a contract or pay a more expensive casual hire? I’ve done both...
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Hypnosis to stop Vaping
Is Vaping Safe ? Hypnotherapy is well known for helping people to quit cigarettes but more and more people are turning to Vaping as an alternative, believing it to be safe. If you’ve been to Europe recently you’d notice the popularity of e-cigarettes as a supposed safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. They are getting so...
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Stop smoking
Kick the Nicotine habit with Glucose A little trick for smoking clients is to give them a packet of glucose tablets to take for the first 7 days after the cessation session. Tobacco is  soaked in sugar water during the production process and can give the smoker a sugar hit. No wonder someone who is...
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Hypnotherapy blog posts
Visualisation in Hypnotherapy Here’s a common question I get from other Therapists Q “I have a client who reports that “mental imagery” doesn’t work for them. Hence metaphor, future pacing, timeline, many NLP bits n pieces, even remembering or imagining a relaxing place etc don’t work for him. A. This is actually very common but can be...
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