Their identity becomes that of being an addict, never to change.

At Sydney City Hypnotherapy we work on the idea of developing a more desirable future identity.

Whether it’s an addiction to smoking, cocaine, alcohol, gambling etc

No matter what the addiction is the process is the same, the client needs to see themselves without the problem addiction and that is why Hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool.

Being able to finally discuss the addiction in a non judgemental environment and using powerful Hypnotic processes to shift the clients mindset is so important

People who had a gambling addiction on the pokies or horses have found themselves back in control of their finances, their relationships and their mental health

In as little as 2 Hypnotherapy sessions people have easily overcome a lifelong cigarette addiction and can begin to rebuild their health

Long term alcohol addiction can need a tapering program but to able to regain control of binge drinking and all it’s other problem behaviours can be life saving.

Overcoming addiction doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s made out to be.

Studies have shown that a future based solution focused approach is far more successful than digging into the past trying to find out why the addiction began.

Addiction is so much more than a physical problem, it affects all aspects of life including relationships, health and financials

Maybe the Husbands gambling problem means the family can’t afford to take a holiday.

The cannabis smoker who no longer lacks motivation to build a new business

The cocaine user now deeply depressed and needs to take the drug just to feel normal

The young mother to be who needs to stop smoking so she can undergo IVF treatment to start a family

The list goes on but it doesn’t have to be this way

Helping people breaking free from their addictions is one of the most satisfying jobs

Trained and qualified Hypnotherapists are rapidly becoming the go to people for addiction treatment than the old ineffective methods.

Whatever the substance abuse developing a belief within the unconscious and conscious mind that change is possible is the first step in the process

Clinical hypnosis for treating substance use disorders, drug abuse, smoking cigarettes, gambling and more is a quick and safe approach.

If you’d like help then just book a private free consultation call using the link above and know that you have taken the important first step to change.