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Every Client is an individual with their own specific needs. The type of therapy and structure of your session(s) will be specifically designed so that you have the very best chance of achieving your goals. Hypnotherapy has a reputation for being fast and solution focused and because of this its important that we agree upfront what your desired outcome is.

Most Clients have compounding problems for example a smoker may also be highly anxious or a cocaine user might only use cocaine after a certain number of drinks.

The telephone consultation is an integral part of this therapeutic process. Because of this pricing is not discussed until the full nature of the problem has been discussed and a plan of action developed.

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Phone Consultation

The change process starts with the Phone Consultation. We discuss your goals in depth and identify timeframes. Once these are identified then a price for therapy can be given. Next we agree times and locations and the appointment can be made. A deposit is required for the first session and a discount is given for full payment in advance.


If this is the first session then basic information is gathered first then we discuss your goals, specifically the desired outcome of the session. Any concerns about Hypnosis are covered at this point. Therapy is delivered through a combination of Psycho-education, Conversational Hypnosis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Hypnosis. Depending on the nature of the problem, behavioural tasks may be set prior to the next session along with audio products to listen to.

Post Session & Beyond

Between sessions contact is maintained to ensure you are on track to meet your goals. This is either by text, phone or email. Motivation from a supportive Therapist is a critical factor in your success in the initial phases of change. Once your goals have been achieved and a maintenance session is advised every 3 months but is not obligatory

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