Hypnotherapy For

Anxiety And Depression In Sydney


Your cognitive style determines how you will react to the stressors in your life. We teach you why you are reacting like you are and then teach you a whole new way to react to lifes ups and downs.

If you are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, you are not alone. Anxiety levels are on the increase with around 28% of Australians reporting symptoms in 2013, of which 12% are of severe to extremely severe levels*.

Stress can be triggered by anything from financial or health concerns, to family or workplace issues. Not only may you be caught up in the mental strain, you could also be experiencing physical symptoms like panic attacks, unresolved pain, sleep deprivation, tension headaches or high blood pressure.

Hypnotherapy is a swift, effective way to identify the core of the behaviors leading to anxiety. Not only can we provide immediate relief, we can also teach you ongoing techniques to keep the stress at bay.

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If you are in need of immediate help or having suicidal thoughts please call Lifeline on 131114 now

** Individual results may vary

* Australian Psychological Society Stress and Wellbeing Survey 2013