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Anxiety and Chronic Stress

How Chronic Stress and Anxiety are the Root Cause of Mental Illnesses At Sydney City Hypnotherapy I see hundreds of clients each year. What I have noticed in the vast majority of cases is an underlying anxiety or chronic stress. Time and time again stress and anxiety are driving habits and addictions. For example I’m […]

Trauma and PTSD

Magic does exist, its called getting a result without rational evidence based documentation. The Fast Trauma Cure adopted from Bandler and Grinders “Fast Phobia Cure”, “V K Disassociation” and “UNKs “Rewind” is beyond explanation Today I utilised it on a lady who without sharing details had suffered some horrific events. The events were still live […]

Cocaine Users

Sometimes we might feel a little confronted by the client’s problem. Maybe they make an enquiry about getting help with a Class A drug and you have no experience of it or how to handle the session. I see many recreational cocaine users every week and it’s now fast becoming my niche. They all seem […]

Hypnosis in Sydney

Casual Room Hire versus Contract

Renting a Therapy Room When you start out in practice you’ll find yourself looking for a place to practice. Perhaps you’ll start at home but then later you start searching Gumtree or similar for a room. Firstly checkout this resource but do you lock into a contract or pay a more expensive casual hire? I’ve done both […]

Hypnosis to stop Vaping

The Dangers of Vaping

Is Vaping Safe ? Hypnotherapy is well known for helping people to quit cigarettes but more and more people are turning to Vaping as an alternative, believing it to be safe. If you’ve been to Europe recently you’d notice the popularity of e-cigarettes as a supposed safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. They are getting so […]