Visualisation in Hypnotherapy

Here’s a common question I get from other Therapists

Q “I have a client who reports that “mental imagery” doesn’t work for them. Hence metaphor, future pacing, timeline, many NLP bits n pieces, even remembering or imagining a relaxing place etc don’t work for him.

A. This is actually very common but can be simply overcome. You can warm them up with some simple memory exercises with questions like

“What colour is your front door?”

“Where did you park your car?”

You see we all visulise and it maybe just the clients expectation of how detailed they need to do it.

I had a client who is an architect and when he told me he couldnt visulise I just took him through his own creative process, seeing his ideas transform onto paper.

Failing everything else I’ll tell the client “Don’t worry about getting this right, just the idea of doing this exercise is enough to get the result you are looking for”