*There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.

*Not only has Clive helped me to stop smoking, Ive also slowed down my alcohol intake. I feel like I have my life back

Ben From Newtown

*I had a chronic gambling habit that was ruining my life. After 1 hour with Clive my gambling has ceased and my life has changed for the better

Brett From Waverton

*Clive helped me stop smoking after 14 years and numerous failed attempts! Anybody who really wants to quit should go and see him, worth every cent!!

Shane From Surry Hills

*Amazing, I could not believe how easily Clive Girdham (Hypnotherapist) changed my Grandson’s problems in just 40 minutes.

Michael From Ashfield

*The sessions have given me unfounded and never before experienced confidence. I have no experience at all with this. Its so liberating !

Deb From Double Bay

*I thought I couldn’t beat my addiction issue. Clive really helped me to beat my problems when I was completely out of ideas of what to do next.

Kim From Waverton

*Clive helped me with my panic attacks that held me back the last 20 years.He helped me to overcome my anxiety and the session for me was very effective.Thank you,Clive

Vanessa From Ashfield

*Clive I want thank you for the time, trust and guidance you offered. It was an outstanding experience and I’ve already highly recommended you and I’m sure two of my friends will be contacting you soon.

Bernd From Darlinghurst

*Clive exceeded all my expectations in a 30 minute hypnosis session, allowing me to break through my internal monologue, helping me achieve personal growth and most importantly quit smoking

Renni From Chatswood

*Hi Clive, ​Thank you for seeing me on the weekend. It is amazing that in such a short time spent with you how a world can change. You have truly madea difference to my claustrophobic issue which has made a massive improvement to my everyday living. Thank you again.

Jen From Mudgee

*Clive helped me with my “35 year-old” chronic hair-pulling habit in a single session. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Now I can keep a beautiful head of hair. More importantly, I am a whole lot more happier with myself & that’s priceless !!

Leanne From Brookvale

*Hi there, thank you so much. so many thoughts of the past has gone and drinking has gone down to. Thank you again, after yesterday I had the best sleep in 10 years without drinking myself to sleep to kill the memories of the past. Thank you again.

Mark From Western Sydney

*One session with Clive has completely shifted something for me. After months of feeling down I decided to do something about it and in a one hour session involving some counselling and hypnosis I walked out of the session feeling like my old happy self.

Jane From Bronte

*I went to Clive with a mental block that held me back for more than 17 years, I believe I am free of this now. The session also helped me to relax and to sleep again. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking that they should be hypnotised to do it and to see Clive.

Nicole From Bondi

*Hi Clive. I just wanted to thank you for your help. Finally I’ve been able to get on with my life . I’m in control. My business life and personal life has changed for the good . I have direction again. I cannot thank you enough. My life was a mess for so long. Finally I have peace.

Dave From Warwick Farm

*I found Clive very professional and the one session I had with him was very effective. Hypnotherapy has been very successful for me on many occasions and I thoroughly recommend Clive to anyone interested in changing habits/behaviour quickly and effectively.

Kat From Sydney

*I suffered rather badly from anxiety before public speaking for work. I met with Clive a week out from a very important talk I had to give to senior management. After our meeting, I was able to give a clear and confident speech without any of the overwhelming anxiety. Thanks Clive, you don’t know how great it was to feel in control and to have positive feedback from the group.

Jackie From Paddington

*Thanks very much to Clive for helping me in just one session to conquer my fear of speaking in front of large groups. In addition to helping me get past a bad experience of freezing in front of a group halfway through a presentation, Clive also provided me with some key strategies for future speaking engagements. I have subsequently used the strategies and managed to feel confident when facing other audiences

Kath From Coogee

*I found my sessions with Clive from SmokeFreeLife felt safe, tailored to my personal needs and inspiring.

With Clive’s patient guidance I was able to identify the emotional triggers and patterns that lead me to habitually smoke. Coupled with Clive’s powerful suggestions I was able to miraculously break the habit.

Thank you Clive, you’ve helped me break a 17 year habit when no patch, tablet or guilt trip/will power could. I will suggest your hypnotherapy process to anyone who is seriously looking to kick smoking or any unhelpful thought or habit and actually succeed.

Vek From Marrickville

*Previously in the past i have tried different methods to treat my social phobia issues. I have tried different psychologist to different forms of medications with neither having any changing effect to my phobia. I Recently read into hypnotherapy and thought I’d give it ago. After one hypnotherapy session I learnt how to change my thought processes and how to control my breathing which has helped me with my phobia. I now feel more confident and relaxed in my daily tasks.

Pat From Drummoyne

*I saw Clive for four sessions to get help with smoking cessation. Clive used a variety of techniques to help me shift my beliefs about smoking and cigarettes as well as my identity from that of a smoker to a non-smoker.

I found the sessions fun and non-threatening and I found Clive very non-judgemental, I have stopped smoking and it was not as hard as I thought. Smoking is an insidious habit and it is hard to stop without the right kind of support.

I have no hesitation in recommending Clive if you are looking for effective support with stopping.

Tamara From Marrickville

*As a die-hard smoker, I didn’t quite know what to expect from hypnotherapy, or whether it would work for me….and i must say, IM A CONVERT! Clive shows his passion in making you feel really comfortable about the process, as well as being incredibly motivational IN BETWEEN sessions!

I have had the introductory session, as well as listening to the download for stress/sleep only once, and I am not only viewing my cigarette addiction differently, but am looking at myself in a far more positive light! The change is surprising, wonderful, and REALLY EXCITING!!! i CANNOT WAIT for my 2nd session!!!!

Janine From Nth Sydney

*My father passed away recently at very young age. He was very healthy and into sports. An amazing human being! It has been really hard for me to deal with it and I decided to look for help. I haven’t done hypnosis before and Clive was very sensible, explaining to me everything that had been happening to me and helped me understand what I’ve been dealing with. I couldn’t imagined how effective his work would be. After the first section I could feel stronger and motivated to keep going with my life without my big friend, my father. I would like to thank Clive for taking very good care of me in this difficult moment of my life. He sure makes the patient feel like they are cared for. I do recommend Clive’s services to anyone whom are struggling in life for any reason. Thank you so much.

Danielle From Tempe

*Thank you Clive from the bottom of my heart for helping me deal with some of my trauma today, which I have held on for too long. I still can’t believe how much burden has been lifted after just one session with you, and how far away the bad memories feel, right afterwards. I know there is still work to do yet in my journey to self discovery and recovery, but you have shed so much light and helped me lots today with the hypnosis, and tips on how I can deal with anxieties and negative thoughts – that I feel like a new, stronger person already! Even though my anxieties can be a nuisance at times, I felt so comfortable and completely trusting towards you during the session, and my nervy cramps quickly went away! You are absolutely amazing, kind and real! Thank you so much.

Kay from Melbourne

*I was suffering from daily panic attacks from a traumatic event overseas, after only 2 sessions with Clive the panic attacks have stopped and I have calmness back in my life.

Ben From Redfern

*I had been smoking for 35 years, upto 30 cigarettes a day. I’d tried everything and had even seen another Hypnotherapist. Clive’s unique methods succeeded where others had failed. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough to those that are ready to set themselves free

Ron From Ashfield

*I met with Clive Girdham 2 weeks ago. He is very professional at what he does, he makes you feel relaxed when he works his magic. I have not slept well for 7 years, only 2 to 3 hours a night. After my visit with him I felt like a new man. Since the visit I’ve slept over 6 hours every night and I feel more positive and confident about myself. Thank you Clive I will definitely recommend you

Kevin From Parramatta

*Our family had to watch our daughter suffer debilitating anxiety for the last seven years. It impacted on her ability to participate in life, and to attend school on a daily basis. For treatment we went down the traditional route of psychiatrists, psychologists, medication and CBT. However, not one of these methods to cure anxiety worked effectively, or without an impact on our daughter.

In utter desperation and on the verge of putting our daughter back on medication I decided to call Clive at the Sydney Hypnotherapy Centre. That was three weeks ago. After one session she was not only able to attend school everyday, but do it without anxiety. She now has a new sense of self and a confidence that was robbed of her when anxiety controlled her life.

I highly recommend hypnotherapy for the treatment of anxiety.


Deborah From Annandale

*Clive, I just wanted to say thank you for not only helping me give up the cigarettes but also giving me the tools to help me stay off them. My Daughter has recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and we have had in-laws here for the last 6 weeks and guess what !!! I managed to stay off them!!! Yes there were times when I could have easily gone back on them, but I used your techniques and managed to stay off them. And I am so glad I did, my daughter needs me around in the future now more than ever. Thank you again Clive , you changed all our lives xx.

I would be very happy to recommend Clive. Not only does he give you the tools to help overcome your smoking habits but he also helps you to understand your triggers and helps you to overcome stressful situations. This has also helped me to deal with other issues in my life! Clive is a gentleman and I would have to say he made me feel at all times very safe and relaxed to be around.

Ethna From ST Ives