Renting a Therapy Room

When you start out in practice you’ll find yourself looking for a place to practice. Perhaps you’ll start at home but then later you start searching Gumtree or similar for a room. Firstly checkout this resource but do you lock into a contract or pay a more expensive casual hire?

I’ve done both and made some great mistakes for you to learn by.

For example, you have a day job so can only work on weekends, you find a great room and you lock yourself in for a 12 month contract ( I did this on Saturdays in Balmain for 2 years). Congratulations! You’ll be paying for that room for every long weekend and during personal holiday time. FYI this year there are 6 long weekends so if you are a Saturday or Monday renter (like I am in Glebe), add on 4 weeks leave and thats 10 days per year where you’ll be struggling to use the room. Your contract might not allow sub letting.

So before you lock yourself in to standard terms and conditions demand! Yes demand, it excludes long weekends (public holidays) and at least 4 additional weeks a year, basically ask for a 48 week working rental also excluding public holidays.

Alternatively find a place that you can pay as required, the place I rent in Surry Hills sells me a voucher of 10 x 1 hour slots paid up front and to be used within 3 months. Its a huge saving over a fixed contract

Hope that’s given you food for thought, now go out and change lives

yours in hypnosis