Sometimes we might feel a little confronted by the client’s problem. Maybe they make an enquiry about getting help with a Class A drug and you have no experience of it or how to handle the session.

I see many recreational cocaine users every week and it’s now fast becoming my niche. They all seem to follow a predictable pattern. Weekend, too much alcohol, text the dealer then the night turns into morning and a regretful Sunday.

By investigating their particular pattern you can create hypnotic strategies to interrupt it very successfully. My experience of almost 100 cocaine users is that it’s way more easy to stop then you might think.

You also need to know your facts about production chemicals like levamisole, side effects to the immune system, purity and sudden death through cardiac arrest.

The session then is no different to a smoking session and typically more successful, I’d estimate 99%.

Cocaine usage is massive and is a huge market.