Irrational fears taking over your life ?

We are born with two fears, a baby will flinch when hearing a loud noise or reach out if they feel they are about to fall. All other fears and phobias are learnt, some in a fraction of a second. The good news is they can be unlearnt in a single session.

Panic Attacks are an all to frequent problem for many people. The bodies fight or flight mechanism is being called to action to percieved threats at a subconscious level. Rapid relief is available through use of techniques such as the NLP Fast Phobia cure and the Rewind technique

Phobias and PTSD are common and are thought to affect up to 11% of the Australian population. The most prevalent include the fear of spiders or snakes, flying, needles, enclosed spaces, heights, the dark, open water, public speaking and excessive germs. We can build our lives around these fears such that quite often it is hard to distinguish what life was like without them.

For example someone suffering from arachnaphobia, or fear of spiders, it can be easy to exaggerate the perceived threat when they see a spider. They may not be able to sufficiently discriminate between spiders that are safe and those that aren’t. A past negative experience of a spider can be imagined to happen again such that they choose to avoid any similar situations in future.

We can work closely with you to understand the nature of the fear, how it uniquely affects you and to identify which parts you would like to be rid of. We use hypnotherapy coupled with psychotherapy to guide you to dissociate from the fear so creating space to explore new areas of life without it.