Help for Quitting Smoking – Use Glucose tablets

Stop smoking

Kick the Nicotine habit with Glucose

A little trick for smoking clients is to give them a packet of glucose tablets to take for the first 7 days after the cessation session. Tobacco is  soaked in sugar water during the production process and can give the smoker a sugar hit. No wonder someone who is accustomed to smoking 20 cigarettes a day can feel anxious, not only are they not getting the nicotine but they are no longer getting a sugar hit.

By sucking on these tablets at times in the day when they used to smoke, it provids a distraction and gives them a small hit of blood sugar. Clients report back it really helped.

This should be done for the first 7 days only as we don’t want them to develop a new habit.

Of course check first if they are diabetic or have any medical condition related to blood sugar, any doubts get them to check with their GP

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